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No New Posts Wittenberg - 4 Viewing

General all-purpose forum for discussing all things Talossan

Moderator: El Süsadmin

5,717 68,822 A heartfelt salute to Wittenberg XI
by Gödafrïeu Válcadác’h
Dec 6, 2019 14:51:59 GMT -6


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No New Posts The Hopper - 3 Viewing

An informal lounge, somewhere near the Capitol, where legislative proposals are floated, debated, perfected, scrapped, ridiculed ...

Sub-board: The Organic Convocation Pseudo-Hopper

844 16,013 The Pete Townshend (WHO ARE YOU) Bill
by Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN
Dec 6, 2019 12:49:01 GMT -6
No New Posts The Ziu

The official meeting-rooms of the Senäts and Cosa, where members of those august bodies decorously and pompously advise the King regarding the good government of his realms.

Moderators: Munditenens Tresplet, Lüc da Schir

Sub-boards: Cosa Chambers, Senäts Chambers

840 8,528 Closing of Business for the 53rd Cosa and other stuff
by Gödafrïeu Válcadác’h
Oct 28, 2019 21:32:54 GMT -6
No New Posts The Courthouse

A forum (for official business only, but anyone is welcome to observe) for the Corts of the Kingdom of Talossa

Moderator: Ián Tamorán S.H.

Sub-boards: The Uppermost Cort, The Magistrate's Cort

84 1,288 Office of the Clerk of Courts
by Ian Plätschisch
Aug 18, 2019 18:16:39 GMT -6


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No New Posts Atatürk

An entire province filled with Ataboys and Atagirls.

Moderator: Antaglha Xhenerös Somelieir

154 1,310 WE'VE MOVED!
by Sevastáin Pinátsch
Dec 4, 2019 13:22:26 GMT -6
No New Posts Benito

The province so nice they named it twice (formerly known as Mussolini)

Moderators: Ieremiac'h Ventrutx, Lüc da Schir

244 2,346 [Chancery] December 2019 Assembly elections
by Istefan Perþonest
Nov 7, 2019 21:44:57 GMT -6
No New Posts Cézembre - 1 Viewing

Talossan due to inadequacies in French barbed-wire technology.

Moderators: Glüc da Dhi, Thor Deyaert

282 1,978 [Chancery] Dec '19 GE Cézembre Senate Results - preliminary
by Glüc da Dhi
Dec 5, 2019 17:14:52 GMT -6
No New Posts Fiôvâ

The Reunision Province!

Moderators: Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN, Gödafrïeu Válcadác’h

Sub-board: The General Assembly

by Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN
Dec 6, 2019 0:37:07 GMT -6
No New Posts Florencia

The nacho-shaped province.

Moderators: Prince Patrick, Hooligan

105 622 [Chancery] Dec '19 GE Florencia Senate Results - preliminary
by Glüc da Dhi
Dec 5, 2019 17:30:41 GMT -6
No New Posts Maricopa

Home of the Maricopa Cabana, the hottest spot north of Havana.

Moderators: Sir C. M. Siervicül, Munditenens Tresplet

152 1,603 [Chancery] December 2019 Maricopa senator election
by Þon Txoteu É. Davinescu
Nov 11, 2019 9:57:46 GMT -6
No New Posts Maritiimi-Maxhestic

Vowels R Us

Moderators: Ian Plätschisch, Cresti Nouacastra-Läxhirescu

196 2,822 17th Convocation
by Ian Plätschisch
Dec 5, 2019 19:21:00 GMT -6
No New Posts Vuode

Talossa's first bedroom community.

Moderators: Virulent V, Eðo Grischun

161 1,125 Declaration to Sit in Estats Xhenerais Grand Session X
by Eðo Grischun
Dec 6, 2019 3:41:19 GMT -6

Royal Offices

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No New Posts College of Arms - 1 Viewing

Discussion of Talossan heraldry and related issues.

Moderators: Hooligan, Capt. Sir Mick Preston, Béneditsch Ardpresteir, O.SPM.

370 4,843 Senate and Cosa Arms
by Dame Litz Cjantscheir, UrN
Nov 22, 2019 15:37:05 GMT -6
No New Posts The Royal Society for the Advancement of Knowledge

A place for the scholars of Talossa (and everyone else) to share their scholarly work with each other. Classes on various topics are occasionally offered.

Moderator: Ián Tamorán S.H.

Sub-boards: WEB 1059: Introduction to Web Development, TAL 1259: Introduction to Talossan 2012, WIK 1059: Wikimarkup Course, SEA 1059: Basic Skills in Seamanship, MUS 1059: Introductory Music Theory, MUS PR59: Talossan Opera Scoring Project, TAL 1059: Introduction to Talossan, BOL 1059; Introduction to Bolognese, GER 1059: Introduction to German / Deutsch, ENG 1159 Hemingway Seminar

198 1,673 La Società dels Actuaes Talossaes
by Iac Marscheir
Jul 19, 2019 22:10:01 GMT -6

Special Interests

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No New Posts Royal Talossan Navy

The headquarters of the Talossan "armed" "forces." No boot camp required.

Moderators: Þon Txoteu É. Davinescu, Iason Bitxichë Taiwos

Sub-boards: Fleet Admiral, Chief of Naval Operations, Commandant of the Talossan Marine Corps, Chief Marshal of the Talossan Air Corps

3 9 Why does this board exist?
by Eðo Grischun
Sept 13, 2019 14:12:23 GMT -6
No New Posts El Glheþ Talossan

Discussion of (or even in) the Talossan language

Moderators: Sir C. M. Siervicül, Marcel Eðo Pairescu Tafial, Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN

Sub-boards: Solamint el Glheþ, Talossan Names

644 5,865 Translator is down
by Danihel Txechescu
Nov 27, 2019 21:34:31 GMT -6
No New Posts GTZT

El Gremiour Talossan dels Zesegnheirs Telaragnheschti (Talossan Web Designers' Guild). A forum for discussing the website www.KingdomOfTalossa.net, and how to improve it.

Moderators: Sir Alexandreu Davinescu, Marti-Pair Furxheir S.H., Ian Plätschisch

134 933 Request Moderator Access
by Antaglha Xhenerös Somelieir
May 24, 2019 18:18:22 GMT -6
No New Posts The THUNDERDOME!!!

Annoyed? Ticked? Please have all of your mano-a-mano fights here instead of elsewhere so other Talossans only have to see them if they want to watch the spectacle.

5 89 Moved from "How do you 'sell' Talossa?"
by Sir Alexandreu Davinescu
Sept 12, 2019 19:34:44 GMT -6
No New Posts The Chat Room

OMG! Talossa roolz 4evR! An unsupervised, un-spellchecked board for long strings of one-liners, chatroom-style abbreviations, bad punctuation, politics, religion, what-ever. lol!

2,280 26,283

Forum Information & Statistics


Sir Alexandreu Davinescu: When was the last time so few votes were cast? 2011? Dec 1, 2019 22:07:59 GMT -6
Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN: 43rd Cosa, last election before Reunision. Dec 2, 2019 13:41:02 GMT -6
Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN: Of course immigration is a problem. The Government has simply not been able to find someone who will DO THE JOB. If AD is volunteering to become Immigration Secretary, I'm sure his application will be gratefully accepted. Dec 2, 2019 13:41:58 GMT -6
Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN: You see the vicious cycle. Low immigration -> people doing several jobs at once -> burnout -> low activity -> low immigration. Dec 2, 2019 13:42:53 GMT -6
Sir Alexandreu Davinescu: How are we going to break the cycle? Dec 2, 2019 14:41:51 GMT -6
Sir Alexandreu Davinescu: I mean, if the problem is just getting someone to process immigration applications, then shouldn't the Seneschal be doing it when no one else can be found? Dec 2, 2019 14:56:26 GMT -6
Cresti Caveglhet: I abstain Dec 2, 2019 15:57:43 GMT -6
Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN: "Nobody else can be found" = "NOT ME" Dec 2, 2019 18:18:10 GMT -6
Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN: But yes, in an ideal world, I would have done it myself. I'm not going to talk about the total swamping of my extra-Talossan life here, so I will content to say "I was too busy". If necessary, I'll do it myself from now on. Dec 2, 2019 18:25:48 GMT -6
Sir Alexandreu Davinescu: Not me - correct, the huge new task which I recently launched is the only huge new task I can take on right now. But then, I didn't run to lead the country! Indeed, I'm not kind of elected official at all right now, just a citizen who wants good govt. Dec 2, 2019 19:08:14 GMT -6
Ian Plätschisch: I have to make it to 4,000 posts before we leave this forum Dec 4, 2019 21:01:14 GMT -6
Marcel Eðo Pairescu Tafial: Lul I'm not even at 500 yet Dec 5, 2019 16:39:17 GMT -6
Ian Plätschisch: JUST TO BE THE MAN WHO MADE 8000 POSTS TO FALL DOWN AT YOUR DOOR Dec 5, 2019 22:32:29 GMT -6
Ian Plätschisch: DA DA DA DA Dec 5, 2019 22:33:02 GMT -6
Ian Plätschisch: (DA DA DA DA) Dec 5, 2019 22:33:10 GMT -6
Ian Plätschisch: DA DA DA DA Dec 5, 2019 22:33:18 GMT -6
Ian Plätschisch: (DA DA DA DA) Dec 5, 2019 22:33:22 GMT -6
Ian Plätschisch: DA DA DA DUN DIDDLE UN DIDDLE UN DIDDLE UH DA DA Dec 5, 2019 22:34:30 GMT -6
Ian Plätschisch: See, this is why I like the shoutbox Dec 5, 2019 22:34:43 GMT -6 *