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47th Cosa Elections at an end. Now what do we talk about?


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General all-purpose forum for discussing all things Talossan

Moderator: El Süsadmin

4,332 52,752 Recommendations - Appointment of a Cabinet
by C. Carlüs Xheraltescù
Sept 20, 2014 9:40:38 GMT -6
No New Posts Immigration

The place for introducing prospective citizens, welcoming them to Talossa, asking them questions, getting to know them ...

Moderator: Ián B. Anglatzarâ

528 12,361


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No New Posts The Hopper

An informal lounge, somewhere near the Capitol, where legislative proposals are floated, debated, perfected, scrapped, ridiculed ...

Moderator: S:reu Iustì Carlüs Canun, UrGP

521 10,288 Small step towards real provinces act. (working title)
by Sir C. M. Siervicül
Sept 17, 2014 11:08:21 GMT -6
No New Posts The Ziu

The official meeting-rooms of the Senäts and Cosa, where members of those august bodies decorously and pompously advise the King regarding the good government of his realms.

Moderators: S:reu Iustì Carlüs Canun, UrGP, Capt. Sir Mick Preston, C. Carlüs Xheraltescù

Sub-boards: Cosa Chambers, Senäts Chambers

463 5,084 MC's for the 47th Cosa
by Dr. Txec dal Nordselvă
Sept 20, 2014 8:46:52 GMT -6
No New Posts The Courthouse

A forum (for official business only, but anyone is welcome to observe) for the Corts of the Kingdom of Talossa

Moderator: Brad Holmes

Sub-boards: The Uppermost Cort, The Magistrate's Cort

58 791 Case 14-04
by Owen Edwards
Sept 17, 2014 11:22:41 GMT -6


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No New Posts Atatürk

An entire province filled with Ataboys and Atagirls.

Moderators: S:reu Iustì Carlüs Canun, UrGP, Evan Cuntainça

99 944 House of Commons, 47th Ziu
by Lupulüc "Lupüc" da Fhöglha
Sept 15, 2014 13:42:46 GMT -6
No New Posts Benito

The province so nice they named it twice (formerly known as Mussolini)

Moderator: Ieremiac'h Ventrutx

169 1,660 Benito Legislative Chancellery Seats Distribution, 47th Ziu
by Owen Edwards
Sept 9, 2014 2:59:48 GMT -6
No New Posts Cézembre

Talossan due to inadequacies in French barbed-wire technology.

Moderator: Sir C. M. Siervicül

190 1,320 Idea to increase turnout in future Cézembrean elections.
by Txosuè Éiric Rôibeardescù
Sept 20, 2014 4:58:03 GMT -6
No New Posts Fiôvâ

The Reunision Province!

Moderators: C. Carlüs Xheraltescù, Istefan Perþonest

Sub-board: The General Assembly

210 2,706 Finally, my first speech as Governor
by Gödafrïeu Válcadác’h
Sept 20, 2014 0:05:23 GMT -6
No New Posts Florencia

The nacho-shaped province.

Moderators: Dame Litz Cjantscheir, UrN, Pôl d'Aurìbuérg

68 414 Division of the Nimlet--47th Cosa
by Colonel Mximo Carbonèl
Sept 17, 2014 13:38:15 GMT -6
No New Posts Maricopa

Home of the Maricopa Cabana, the hottest spot north of Havana.

Moderators: Hooligan, S:reu Iustì Carlüs Canun, UrGP, Dr. Txec dal Nordselvă

94 940 Entering the 47th Chamber of the Cabana
by Dr. Txec dal Nordselvă
Sept 19, 2014 18:35:31 GMT -6
No New Posts Maritiimi-Maxhestic

Vowels R Us

Moderator: Brad Holmes

115 1,668 Tenth Assembly
by Sir Alexandreu Davinescu
Sept 9, 2014 14:32:37 GMT -6
No New Posts Vuode

Talossa's first bedroom community.

Moderator: Çesli da Chilseu

122 886 New Citizen of Vuode
by Sevastáin Pinátsch
Sept 19, 2014 23:58:40 GMT -6

Special Interests

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No New Posts El Glheþ Talossan

Discussion of (or even in) the Talossan language

Moderator: S:reu Iustì Carlüs Canun, UrGP

Sub-boards: Solamint el Glheþ, Talossan Names

480 4,318 El Hóbbit
by Moritz Fernaodescu
Sept 20, 2014 3:08:31 GMT -6
No New Posts GTZT

El Gremiour Talossan dels Zesegnheirs Telaragnheschti (Talossan Web Designers' Guild). A forum for discussing the website www.KingdomOfTalossa.net, and how to improve it.

Moderators: Hooligan, Sir Alexandreu Davinescu

126 870 Tolossan domain name
by Ián Tamorán
Sept 12, 2014 4:06:19 GMT -6
No New Posts The Chat Room

OMG! Talossa roolz 4evR! An unsupervised, un-spellchecked board for long strings of one-liners, chatroom-style abbreviations, bad punctuation, politics, religion, what-ever. lol!

1,898 20,036


Sir Alexandreu Davinescu: It's going to be a pretty one! Sept 14, 2014 9:09:18 GMT -6
Sir Alexandreu Davinescu: Beric'ht is in your inbox if you're a subscriber! Sept 14, 2014 12:43:04 GMT -6
Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN: Someone just sent me a copy of Beric'ht's latest cartoon. Sept 15, 2014 17:45:07 GMT -6
Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN: I have to give congratulations - it's of course foaming hyperreactionary paranoia, but genuinely funny for a change. Sept 15, 2014 17:45:30 GMT -6
Eiric S. Bornatfiglheu: Which party is represented by the little elephant? Sept 17, 2014 20:49:05 GMT -6
Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN: That's not an elephant, that's the ModRad seahorse. Sept 18, 2014 0:24:50 GMT -6
Sir Alexandreu Davinescu: I don't think there are any parties represented by an elephant. RUMP is a turtle, MRPT is a seahorse, LIB is an owl, ZRT is a goat, and apparently the PP inherited the CSPP dog (according to a cartoon in my inbox). Sept 18, 2014 8:54:16 GMT -6
Sir Alexandreu Davinescu: I don't think the PC or TWP have chosen one, and neither has a cartoonist, apparently. Sept 18, 2014 8:55:30 GMT -6
Glüc da Dhi: I would suggest for future use: Sept 18, 2014 9:03:30 GMT -6
Glüc da Dhi: PC - Chameleon Sept 18, 2014 9:03:51 GMT -6
Glüc da Dhi: TWP - Honey bee Sept 18, 2014 9:04:00 GMT -6
Eiric S. Bornatfiglheu: I'm talking about the little elephant in the corners of the cartoons with the pig and goat, etc. Sept 18, 2014 11:56:28 GMT -6
Sir Alexandreu Davinescu: In the last ESM cartoon, the little guys are a seahorse, dog, and owl. Sept 18, 2014 12:04:13 GMT -6
Sir Alexandreu Davinescu: Oh, I see ESM and Elo differ on the PP mascot... ESM has them with a pig and Elo has them with a dog. Sept 18, 2014 12:05:14 GMT -6
Sir Alexandreu Davinescu: Or no, it looks like ESM changed them from the pig to a dog. So yeah. That's what's going on. Sept 18, 2014 12:05:45 GMT -6
Eiric S. Bornatfiglheu: Oh! That's a seahorse. Okies. I see it now. Sept 18, 2014 13:32:03 GMT -6
King John: I just appointed Lüc da Schir to the Seneschalsqab. Many congratulations! Sept 19, 2014 8:37:26 GMT -6
Chirbi S. Carriedo: Congratulations, S:reu da Schir on your appointment by his His Majesty as the new Seneschal! :-bd I hope everyone in the Regipäts remain safe and dry. ;) Sept 19, 2014 15:17:45 GMT -6
Lüc da Schir: Mieirci a tocts (waiting for something more to happen before thanking everyone in a more official fashion on the appointment's thread) Sept 19, 2014 15:47:12 GMT -6
Magniloqueu Épiqeu da Lhiun: "Mieirci". Is that a portmanteau of "mieida" and "meirci"? :> Sept 20, 2014 5:12:47 GMT -6