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Glüc da Dhi: Good morning. Less than 1,5 day left to vote on the TMT20 in the chatroom. Less that two days to vote on the General Elections. Current turnout: 85 Current prediction: 107.8 Jun 30, 2018 1:25:15 GMT -6
Glüc da Dhi: Less than 24 hours to vote on the TMT20-2018 final in the chatroom! Jun 30, 2018 11:47:57 GMT -6
Glüc da Dhi: Tomorrow we'll do a live reveal playing all the songs in reverse order on pengotimes (if everything works) before the real election results come in. It will be fun. Those who havent participated yet (including prospectives) are also very welcome to vote. Jun 30, 2018 13:09:31 GMT -6
Lüc da Schir: EVERYONE JOIN THE CHATZY! Come and say hello: Jun 30, 2018 15:35:41 GMT -6
Glüc da Dhi: The chatzy can also be found on Jun 30, 2018 16:11:40 GMT -6
Glüc da Dhi: where we will do the TMT reveal Jun 30, 2018 16:12:00 GMT -6
Glüc da Dhi: 90 minutes left to vote on the TMT final (8 voters so far) Jul 1, 2018 12:07:18 GMT -6
Glüc da Dhi: Stream is live. So is the election night chatzy. Come join us: Jul 1, 2018 15:19:02 GMT -6
E.S. Bornatfiglheu: And an itchy silence falls over Talossa while the electoral comission sets to their work... Jul 5, 2018 19:27:06 GMT -6
Alèx Soleighlfred: what'd you expect? Jul 6, 2018 14:19:00 GMT -6
Alèx Soleighlfred: Kind of sad Russian team didn't make it to the 1/2. But, after a long time, we can actually be proud of our team. Jul 7, 2018 15:12:21 GMT -6
Eðo Grischun: Sweden, oh Sweden. Ach well, now onto supporting Croatia it is then. Jul 7, 2018 20:59:11 GMT -6
Lüc da Schir: EVERYONE BUT FRANCE Jul 8, 2018 6:07:01 GMT -6
Eðo Grischun: Nah. IThe Auld Alliance stirs :P Jul 8, 2018 7:51:21 GMT -6
Iac Marscheir: Even though I think Croatia will win, my dad’s a Brit... Jul 8, 2018 18:14:17 GMT -6
Lüc da Schir: RIP the Chatzy, June 15th-July 9th, dead too soon Jul 9, 2018 6:27:35 GMT -6
Lüc da Schir: Approximately 588,000 messages were sent through Chatzy in the GE period, though I suspect that includes connection notifications Jul 9, 2018 6:29:36 GMT -6
Lüc da Schir: Whoever has some spare time can go to and enter review mode, reading back on the old comments is a treat Jul 9, 2018 6:33:34 GMT -6
V: Applause to the fun and civil debates going on right now on disparate issues concerning the Organic Law. My hat is tipped to the substantive and civil nature that all particpants are employing in their responses. It's refreshing. Jul 12, 2018 15:42:06 GMT -6 *
Alèx Soleighlfred: Short notice on absence. I will be absent until at least mid-august. i will do my best to still conduct the senechal elections. talossalympics are postponed for now. sorry, wish you all a good day. Jul 13, 2018 9:10:44 GMT -6