Courtroom: Erni v. Talossa


Sir Alexandreu Davinescu: stalking me on Witt. And now... well, I'm disappointed in you. You were such a good man, always decent and kind. Now you just drop by to spew bile. It's a sad thing to see. Apr 24, 2015 15:05:49 GMT -6
Sir Alexandreu Davinescu: Well, whatever. I've heard worse from better. I'll let it go :) I'm happy to hear that coins are on their way. Can't wait to see the indiegogo thing go up! Apr 24, 2015 15:28:53 GMT -6 *
Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN: In Fiôvâ, we laugh at Alex's phony outrage openly in the street. Apr 24, 2015 16:30:39 GMT -6
Sir Alexandreu Davinescu: I believe it, Daphne. Apr 24, 2015 16:35:23 GMT -6 *
Galen Zavala-Sherby: This whole conversation is a bit disillusioning... Apr 25, 2015 6:19:11 GMT -6
C. Carlüs Xheraltescù: Let's talk about something else, shall we? What's the weather like with you Galen? :) Apr 25, 2015 6:43:00 GMT -6
Sir Alexandreu Davinescu: They get that way, yeah. Do your best to ignore them and have fun! There's a ton of amazing stuff to do! Apr 25, 2015 7:04:47 GMT -6
Galen Zavala-Sherby: Well Carlus the physical weather here in Louisville is rainy and overcast Apr 25, 2015 8:31:56 GMT -6
Galen Zavala-Sherby: or are you referring to my *dramatic flourish* emotional weather? Apr 25, 2015 8:32:44 GMT -6
C. Carlüs Xheraltescù: Physical, but this emotional weather sounds somewhat more intriguing :P Apr 25, 2015 9:53:21 GMT -6
Galen Zavala-Sherby: shall I read you my sonnet? Apr 25, 2015 10:39:32 GMT -6
Galen Zavala-Sherby: 'ey Carlus I see you've made a manifesto, i'm glad we share many beliefs Apr 25, 2015 11:25:54 GMT -6
C. Carlüs Xheraltescù: I'm glad we'll see some cross-party consensus on the liberal and democratic principles outlined by the Free Democrats. I'm looking forward to the prospect of working with others in the next Cosa. Apr 25, 2015 11:39:31 GMT -6
Galen Zavala-Sherby: RUMP better watch their rump, am I right? *cricket noises* Apr 25, 2015 15:38:01 GMT -6
Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN: Coalition government worked so well this time that I can't wait to give it another try. Apr 27, 2015 0:03:07 GMT -6
Dr. Txec dal Nordselvă: Anyone heard from the King? Would like to know if he is planning on dissolving the Cosa formally or not (also appointing me back onto the bench!). Apr 28, 2015 10:31:36 GMT -6
Eiric S. Bornatfiglheu: Looks like he dissolved the Cosa. But no ideas on your reappointment. May 3, 2015 17:13:32 GMT -6
Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN: Greg Glodaral, ETT cartoonists, comments on the BT scandal re: the fake cartoon exchange: May 3, 2015 17:26:27 GMT -6
Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN: Wow, I've been combative, aggressive, and downright rude even by my standards today. Sorry, everyone, and yes, everyone. Even those to whom I have antipathy deserve respect. May 4, 2015 0:37:41 GMT -6
Sir Alexandreu Davinescu: It's okay, we all have bad days. May 4, 2015 5:26:00 GMT -6