Courtroom: Erni v. Talossa


Prithvi Singh Ravish: Happy Birthday Ann...Cheers :) Jul 28, 2015 19:27:32 GMT -6
Prithvi Singh Ravish: Happy Birthday Ibrahim...Cheers :) Jul 28, 2015 19:29:43 GMT -6
Ian Plätschisch: Is the chat show about to start? Jul 30, 2015 15:22:03 GMT -6
Ian Plätschisch: That's a wrap! Jul 30, 2015 16:38:39 GMT -6
Magniloqueu Épiqeu da Lhiun: Talossan was featured in an essay by the "Gesellschaft für Interlinguistik" at their 2011 conference in Berlin. CHECK IT OUT IN THE "EL GLHEÞ TALOSSAN" SUB-FORUM! Jul 31, 2015 21:02:40 GMT -6
Magniloqueu Épiqeu da Lhiun: I forgot I can post links here... :D Jul 31, 2015 21:03:05 GMT -6
Óïn Ursüm: Honestly, Ziu, why not pass the Shapera+Fool act and then repeal the Fool bit next Clark, rather than rejecting it and passing another citizenship bill next Clark? That way, S:da Shapera will get her citizenship in a timely manner! Aug 2, 2015 12:25:58 GMT -6
Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN: Can I just say that no-one has a RIGHT to become a Talossan citizen? Aug 2, 2015 14:44:07 GMT -6
Óïn Ursüm: I totes agree -- I'm mainly championing this cause because I think Talossa needs more active citizens who live in or near Talossa. Aug 2, 2015 15:00:18 GMT -6
Lüc da Schir, O.Be.: Sorry to point it out, Miestra, and I know that the reasons are completely different, but if the bill is rejected wouldn't it be like for Ann Elizabeth, from her own point of view, to have been rejected as you were in '97 by the UC? Aug 2, 2015 15:15:05 GMT -6
Magniloqueu Épiqeu da Lhiun: Honestly, Ziu, why be against a Jester anyway? Aug 2, 2015 17:19:23 GMT -6
Ann-Elizabeth Shapera: I will most sincerely not be offended if Talossa does not wish to retain a Fool! I am very happy with my appointment as Milwaukee's Jester and my honorary title as one of the Fools of Muncaster Castle (the home of the original Tom Fool). I'm not ambitious! Aug 2, 2015 18:38:13 GMT -6
Ian Plätschisch: Its not so much that, but I combined the bills giving you citizenship and establishing a fool, expecting it to pass easily, and that backfired. Aug 2, 2015 18:42:34 GMT -6 *
Prithvi Singh Ravish: :) :) :) Aug 2, 2015 20:27:30 GMT -6
Ann-Elizabeth Shapera: Ian, I am truly grateful for your effort! Aug 2, 2015 20:40:04 GMT -6
Magniloqueu Épiqeu da Lhiun: Hang in there, . (Do tags work here?) Aug 3, 2015 6:21:32 GMT -6
Magniloqueu Épiqeu da Lhiun: Yes, they do. Aug 3, 2015 6:21:37 GMT -6
Prithvi Singh Ravish: Dear Hon. Squirrel King of Arms, The email ID < > is not updated. All the emails sent to this id are returning back notifying that Delivery to the following recipients failed. :) Aug 3, 2015 8:38:16 GMT -6
Prithvi Singh Ravish: Could you please annonce the validated email ID of the college of arms? Aug 3, 2015 8:44:00 GMT -6
Ian Plätschisch: Just post in the College of Arms Board asking for arms Aug 3, 2015 14:27:54 GMT -6