Courtroom: Erni v. Talossa


Tariq Zubair: I am feeling Eiric was not in good health but now turn will. Oct 4, 2015 8:21:13 GMT -6
Tariq Zubair: Dr. Prithvi Singh Ravish thank you for warm greetings and wish cordial relationship with many nations and having a mix of culture Oct 4, 2015 8:23:03 GMT -6
Tariq Zubair: Thank you Tamás Ónodi and Breneir Itravilatx for your kind welcome. Oct 4, 2015 9:09:35 GMT -6
Sir Alexandreu Davinescu: Our latest issue of Beric'ht Talossan is out... and it's a doozy! Wondering what prompted that MinStuff announcement? It was our BT investigation into our stagnant web presence! Read all about it! Oct 4, 2015 9:33:46 GMT -6
Sir Alexandreu Davinescu: Also, with the launch of BHAID, is it time to revisit the missing money that never left the accounts of TalossaAID... now that the same person is running BHAID? Find out the facts and decide for yourself! Oct 4, 2015 9:35:01 GMT -6
Sir Alexandreu Davinescu: Subscribe today! Oct 4, 2015 9:35:11 GMT -6
Breneir Itravilatx: Hmmm, Dr. Ravish did not run the BHAID...and Istefan Perthonest ran TAID...yes, lets find out the facts :) Oct 4, 2015 20:58:55 GMT -6
Breneir Itravilatx: Dr. Ravish runs the BHAID...oy Oct 4, 2015 20:59:09 GMT -6
Dr. Prithvi Singh Ravish: Dear Hon Breneir Itravilatx; A bundle of thanks with warm greetings for the announcement of BHAID Launch Pad! I have shared this news with public on Linkedin, Face Book and to my group 'Global Unification International' and 'International Parliament' :) Oct 5, 2015 1:26:53 GMT -6
Dr. Prithvi Singh Ravish: Also I convey my heartiest congratulations to all the Excellencies for assuming their portfolios of the BHAID;.....With warm regards to all :) Oct 5, 2015 1:28:35 GMT -6
Sir Alexandreu Davinescu: But don't worry, we're definitely going to get the whole story! Oct 5, 2015 4:24:17 GMT -6
Sir Alexandreu Davinescu: Yes, you just appointed him :) Oct 5, 2015 4:24:29 GMT -6 *
Breneir Itravilatx: The Seneschal approved his appointment on my recommendation per the statute which governs BHAID operations. And yes, you make sure to get the whole story. I am as curious as you are Oct 5, 2015 10:16:10 GMT -6
Dr. Prithvi Singh Ravish: I perceive that Alexandreu Davis is not happy with my appointment :) Oct 5, 2015 20:20:24 GMT -6
Ian Plätschisch: AD just has to sell his papers, that's all :) Oct 5, 2015 20:24:48 GMT -6
Sir Alexandreu Davinescu: It's neither of those... we're just following the truth wherever it leads! Okay, it's a little bit about making the newspaper, but mainly: the truth, wherever it leads! Oct 5, 2015 20:44:02 GMT -6
Sir Alexandreu Davinescu: Hundreds of louise/dollars are missing from TAID... now that BHAID is launching within a Ministry run by one of the TAID board members, it seems a wee bit like a public service to investigate. No one else is going to do it: Beric'ht is there! Oct 5, 2015 20:45:40 GMT -6
Tariq Zubair: what is BHAID? Oct 6, 2015 9:16:54 GMT -6
Sir Alexandreu Davinescu: Bureau of Humanitarian Aid and International Development, a new Government agency that intends to try to raise money for charity. Oct 6, 2015 9:46:14 GMT -6
Tariq Zubair: Thank you Sir Alexandreu Davinescu for your cooperation Oct 7, 2015 6:54:24 GMT -6