52nd Cosa, 4th Clark - November 2018 - Results


Iac Marscheir: Sounds like what I heard before May 9, 2019 2:37:25 GMT -6
Alejo Fernández: Hello May 9, 2019 15:50:47 GMT -6
Lüc da Schir: The pronounciation should be the same as well May 11, 2019 13:41:18 GMT -6 *
Eðo Grischun: If you compare the recording for Túischac'h on Memrise with the recording for Taoiseach on Wikipedia there is a definite difference. Túischac'h sounds like "toey-shach" while Taoiseach sounds like "tree-shach" May 11, 2019 21:51:56 GMT -6
Lüc da Schir: Hmm, right, I had never listened to that recording. I always used the Irish pronounciation for our own Túischac'h. May 12, 2019 8:23:18 GMT -6
Alèx Soleighlfred: HATRIĐ MUN SIGRA May 17, 2019 10:55:25 GMT -6
Alejo Fernández: I love Talossa! May 17, 2019 16:33:45 GMT -6
Alèx Soleighlfred: Did anyone else watch Eurovision? I rooted for Iceland and Slovenia. I'm so upset the technical error messed up the performance for Hatari. May 19, 2019 6:30:30 GMT -6
V: How do I add a Byelaw to Vuode's digest of laws on the wiki? May 19, 2019 10:24:46 GMT -6
Sir Alexandreu Davinescu: Do you mean generally how do you edit and create new pages on the wiki? There's info in this three-part series: wiki.talossa.com/Class_One May 19, 2019 15:00:31 GMT -6
Sir Alexandreu Davinescu: If there are specifics to that page that you had in mind, it looks like Etho did it all from the start, so ask him. May 19, 2019 15:01:15 GMT -6
V: Thanks. I was going to add a page on a Vuode byelaw. I'll take a look at the guide May 19, 2019 15:56:44 GMT -6 *
Sir Alexandreu Davinescu: I only wrote a few lectures, but I can also link you to more help with how to edit wikis. There are a lot of resources out there, mine just happens to be particularly focused on how things are done at our wiki. May 19, 2019 19:49:20 GMT -6
Eðo Grischun: At present, There is a digest of provincial law here: wiki.talossa.com/Provincial_Law_(Vuode)#Digest_of_Provincial_Law - It's really just a table of contents to each individual law. May 20, 2019 19:32:05 GMT -6
Eðo Grischun: Each law got it's own page, like this: wiki.talossa.com/Resolution_Condemning_the_Condemning_(Vuode) May 20, 2019 19:32:22 GMT -6
Eðo Grischun: The best bet would be to take any existing page for any existing bylaw, copy it so the templates match and then replace the text as needed. After that create a new line in the digest list for linking purposes. May 20, 2019 19:34:12 GMT -6
Jordan Placie: 3RZ1 - Contrâ

53RZ2 - Për

53RZ3 - Për

53RZ4 - Për

53RZ5 - Për

53RZ6 - Për

53RZ7 - Contrâ:

53RZ8 - Contrâ

53RZ9 - Contrâ
May 21, 2019 12:49:13 GMT -6
V: Thanks eðo! May 21, 2019 15:22:29 GMT -6
Alexandreu Regeu: Any progress on the Pengopats immigration crisis? May 22, 2019 11:54:47 GMT -6
Alexandreu Regeu: We gotta get those penguins under control :) :D :) May 22, 2019 11:56:14 GMT -6